Bonendis is inextricably interwoven with the wind. Founded in 2014, the name itself derives from the Greek name of the wind “Pounentes”, as it is pronounced in the Dodecanese islands. A powerful symbol of freedom and liberation, the wind represents change, enabling us to embark on an endless journey of growth and renewal. Always moving, never static, blowing at different speeds, it is an integral part of life as we know it. The wind also represents power and energy flowing in all living things. An effortless stamina and enthusiasm for life rising from within, that sparks motivation, creativity and at last inspiration. Ultimately, it signifies eliminating the old and bringing the new. Just as the wind changes direction, so does the brand, adapting into new innovative materials and shapes in order to cater for the needs of the woman on-the-go. With that in mind, Bonendis comes to life in the Athenian urban scene, carrying our heritage, values and ethos, elements that are fused into each and every design. 


 Made for women of today whose needs and wants constantly evolve and grow, so does the Bonendis aesthetic, in order to stand out from the mass. After all, our trademark has undergone various changes, before transitioning into our famous “B”s facing each other and forming bonds that reminisce of the wind.  The CHIARA bag, undoubtedly our all-time-classic and most popular design, marked the beggining of our creative journey and put us in the map. Ever since then, we aim to give life to sophisticated and timeless designs that make a statement and accentuate every woman’s innate style and finesse. With a vision to create pieces that exude skill and marvel, Bonendis sets to find inspiration found in architecture, nature and the industrial world, fusing traditionwith contemporary design. 

Our mission during the design and production process, has always been the same: to create elegant handcrafted products that stand the test of time, with respect to both our local community and most importantly our planet. Made by hand in Greece, by skilled local artisans, we support their valuable knowledge and expertise that are passed down from generation to generation, carrying over ther craft and preserving their legacy. Through a vigorous process that combines impeccable craftsmanship with constant innovation, we pledge our commitment to steer clear of overproduction, implementing an on-demand manufacturing policy, with emphasis on quality over quantity. We insist on tanning small quantities of leather in order to avoid a substantial stock, and we always source the highest quality of materials in our disposal, forstering a culture of continuous reinvention and premium standards. Bonendis stands with those in need and joins forces with the pioneers of today. We support various non profit organisations such as Make A Wish, Hamogelo Tou Paidiou, as well as the initiatives and programms of TEDx.