The "dont's" of New Years resolution!


It’s all about that fresh start …

Seconds before the last drops of champagne slip through the clinked glasses, each New Years Eve is accompanied by silent promises……. Promises made to us by us, just to give an excuse for the last moments of that particular night.

Is it the exhaustion of the previous year? Is it the excitement of writing that final page of a 365 page diary? Or is just that need for a fresh, clean start, pretty much on anything?! Possibly, it is a cocktail of all of the above…..!  This is the reason why resolutions and tough promises pop out on lists stuck on fridges, or in the first page of an agenda with hardly ever getting any “ticks” next to them.

But what if this year we keep all the good moments of the previous year?! What if we make a promise to keep all the warm memories and multiply them?! What if we note down all the fine things we did and take this as a fundamental base?! What if we make a list of DONT’S instead of DOS or better yet, HAVE TO DO (which, let's all face it …never works out).

Let’s just promise that this year, you:

- Don’t have any sad Sunday evenings because you have to go to work the next day!  Enjoy your Sundays and give them a new meaning in any way possible! Just do something special only on Sundays.

- Don’t let one more minute take you away from your dream! Make a start …just any start. Build something around your dream. Write it down or even have people around you who are interested in talking about it.

- Don’t let this pair of pants kill your spirit! If you are damaging your health and your life just DON’T do it.  If it is not that important, you can always buy another pair of pants and feel proud of yourself.

- Don’t let toxic situations be part of your life and don’t allow yourself to have nightmares! Everyone deserves to have a life of quality and if you know what your nightmare is when you visit your bed every night, you might be the key holder of the most important door of your life. Don’t allow people, relationships, hateful words, deadlines or work positions haunt your subconscious.

- Don’t be afraid! If you pay that much attention to fear it will not only stop yourself from doing, having, saying or trying and you will become fear itself...Don’t think about it too much … just go and do it. You learn in the process. Even from failing, you learn!

That’s the magical beauty of endings; they are accompanied by beginnings. Therefore,  don’t miss your fresh start! Don’t waste your new year!

As once said by a great philosopher … “There may be more beautiful times, but this one is ours.”